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So, what exactly is a concierge – and what can a concierge do for my family, my business and me?

You know when you (or your boss, co-workers or family members) wish that there were two of you? Or that there were more hours in the day? Or that you had someone to help you to handle your day-to-day obligations? Or someone who could get you out of that occasional jam when you absolutely could not be in two places at once?

Our service is all about being that second person and giving those additional hours back to you. Consider us your trustworthy, reliable and innovative partner in getting it done.

At Florida Total Concierge, we work with you to get your life back. We take care of the business and personal tasks, errands and responsibilities of daily life so you can focus on what’s really important: your family, your job and yourself.

Take some time to browse our site for specific ways in which we can show you what work/life balance is really all about.

We are the online headquarters of Florida’s top concierge service for corporations and individuals.

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– project management
– employee assistance
– support services


– vendor management
– emergency service
– repairs and maintenance


– for sale/ for rent
– home inspections
– house-sitting